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An active and connected Southeast Asia. A region buzzing with individual stories of possibilities – 650 million of them, in fact.

The march of technological advancements is unrelenting. Yet, there is a paucity of understanding about how these developments will influence – and are influenced by – underrepresented regions such as Southeast Asia (SEA). This is where we come in. LawTech.Asia hopes to bring a unique perspective to the discourse surrounding law, technology and policy issues.

Here, you can expect the latest on legal innovation, policy reactions or recommendations, thoughts on larger conceptual themes, and feature pieces of individuals on the forefront of these changes. Ultimately, we aim to enrich the community here and globally by re-centering existing discussions around SEA, surfacing new ideas, and inspiring progress through knowledge.

Who are we?

Founded in 2016, LawTech.Asia is currently run by a small team of law students and law graduates based in Singapore who are interested in the intersection of law and technology. However, our mission is not exclusive to certain specialties or nationalities. Those with the right fit, talent and passion are always welcome – please contact us if you’d like to join us in growing this together!