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Contributing to law and technology literature is easy. If you are interested to be featured as a contributor on LawTech.Asia, simply follow the three-step process below: Reach out – Review – Publish.

  1. Reach out. Fill out the form below, including a topic idea and/or outline of the idea you wish to write, and send it to us.
  2. Review. We will review your suggestion, and get back to you as soon as possible.
  3. Publish. When you have developed your article, send it back to us. We will review, and subject to further changes, publish the article.

Below are some guidelines you can follow when making a written contribution to LawTech.Asia.

Guest contribution guidelines


  • Think of the audience and structure your piece accordingly. LawTech.Asia’s readers generally comprise of lawyers, law students, policymakers, and technologists. 
  • Focus on readability. This means writing in short sentences where possible, and explaining where technical terms or legal concepts are used. 
  • Include citations and references. These are especially useful when making a claim (e.g. “95% lawyers think that X is their biggest challenge” or “It has been said that AI must be regulated”).
  • Maintain brevity. While there are exceptions, articles in LawTech.Asia are typically 3 – 5 pages long when copied into Microsoft Word.
  • Use graphics and pictures where appropriate. The use of graphics and pictures (save for gifs) are welcome. Videos too can be included, if adjudged by our Editorial Team to be appropriate. Where graphics and pictures are used, do include a short caption to describe what is being illustrated.
  • Take in the Editorial Team’s suggestions. Our Editorial Team, which consists of seasoned writers and contributors, will do their best to provide suggestions that align the objectives of your article with the editorial standards and reader expectations of LawTech.Asia. Do consider their suggestions, which are put forward with increasing the readership of your piece in mind. Do note that the Editorial Team reserves the right not to publish a piece that deviates too far from LawTech.Asia’s editorial standards, regardless of any approval previously given to publish the piece.
  • Contribute readily! We welcome guest contributions from all writers, regardless of experience and background. This means that even if you have had little prior writing experience, or do not have a legal background, LawTech.Asia welcomes your contributions to building thought leadership. We will work with you closely with you to achieve the best outcome for both your piece and our readers as far as possible.


  • Advertorial pieces. LawTech.Asia is a publication that focuses on building and driving quality thought leadership. While articles that place focus on individual products or pieces of technology, articles should not consist of purely marketing / advertorial material.

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